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Easter is over and if you are like most of the churches we work with, now is the time to dig in and prep for summer and begin plans for Fall. Here at Lifetogether we are looking to the future with a series of exciting new offers to help your church experience growth like never before! Below you will find some unique approaches to coaching and creative development, as well as publishing and selling campaigns to other churches around the country.
We would love to help your church launch your next campaign this fall or create a creative series, or even write a book. The options available to you are truly exciting! We look forward to partnering with you!





Summer Special

Coming to California is a great way to get a scenic video curriculum series professionally produced at one of our best rates of the year! Most of our production crew is based here, so we can do a one-day or multi-day shoot without the expenses of travel, lodging, and meals. We also know a ton of great locations, from intimate bed and breakfasts with picturesque front porches to flowering gardens to church chapels, and, of course, some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The curriculum would be based off a weekend alignment series or maybe a past or future sermon series that would be impactful.



Fall Campaign Package

There is no better way to kick off the fall season than to launch a church-wide alignment campaign. As families get back into the rhythms of school, sports and fall you can see tremendous growth by launching small groups aligned with a relevant sermon series. We can help you leverage your teaching or we can help you develop a series. Our Fall Campaign package includes coaching to help you maximize our best practices to start and grow your small group ministry, as well as a high quality custom curriculum.



Next Steps Conversation Series

Here at Lifetogether we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help your church grow! The Next Steps Conversation Series is our latest and greatest way to help you quickly assimilate people into your church, connect them to a small group and drive them deeper into the the basics of your church. Lifetogether is now offering a complete series of small group curriculum designed to engage your church like never before! Hear more from Brett in the video above, then explore all of the resources from the series.

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Rick Warren community


We are offering an innovative new strategy to connect your church to small groups and assimilate new people quickly. We are calling our new strategy the



Produced 2,500
Pastors and Church Leaders

Lifetogether has produced thousands of pastors and church leaders on camera, started over 1,000 video curriculum series, published more than 100 custom small group video and print curriculum, and trained more than 500,000 small group leaders. We’re proud of these numbers not because they make us look good, but because it’s evidence to how God is using these pastors and churches around the country!

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For the last 15 years, Lifetogether has worked with thousands of leading pastors and best-selling authors to launch innovative video and print-based curriclum. Having produced hundreds of campaigns for a variety of denominations and church movements, Lifetogether partners with churches of all sizes and stages to provide the kind of support that yield life-changing resources.

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This classic and simple approach is best suited for the master teacher who can effectively and dynamically engage an audience. Lifetogether will help you strategize to maximize the impact of this format, coaching you on content, delivery and shooting locations.

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Get free training resources.


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