Coaching Programs

“Lifetogether Coaching has proven to be the single most effective tool at attacking my ministry goals.”

Phil Amaya, Senior Pastor

coaching programs

Our coaching programs are designed as live web-based video conference sessions, similar to a webinar format, with a group of other churches similar in stage and size as yours.

Most groups will range between 6-12 churches to allow for maximum interaction between attendees.

Each of the programs will be held twice a month (dates confirmed upon registration) and will meet for 6 or 12 months. Each session will meet for approximately 60 minutes each. In between each of the sessions there will be assigned reading, videos to review, and group exercises to complete.

Lifetogether will bring a variety of faculty onto each call based on the subject matter and this will align with who you invite for your staff team:

  • Each church will complete an online ministry assessment and church survey to maximize the impact of the program.

  • Each church will participate in a private team consultation to review the findings of the assessment and develop a personalized program.

For those of you who learn best in community and have a limited budget, this program is more affordable than our consulting partnerships.

The nature and focus of the discussions are integrated with the common challenges facing other churches of similar size and stage.


We offer a number of programs at varying costs based on the size and stage of your church. To learn more about the pricing and timing of our next coaching group, simply go online or call today for a free consultation & pricing.

Small Group Curriculum Production & Publishing Program

This program is designed for churches that are looking to produce their first and/or “best” in-house church-wide video curriculum series. Through each of our sessions, you will learn the proven strategies on how to produce professionally published video curriculum that will literally transform how you do church.

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Small Group Ministry & Campaign Coaching Program

This program is designed for churches wanting to further leverage the power of community to transform lives by producing video based curriculum that helps to commit 100% of your congregation into community. The content is a group edition of our one-on- one on-site consulting program.

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Lifetogether New & Next Coaching Program

This program is designed for experienced Pastors, weekend producers and progressive church leaders wanting to know what is “New & Next” in leveraging the power of community to change how church is done.

Microsite Coaching Program

This program is designed for churches who are looking for the next revolution in taking the church to the community: Microsites. Discover how to launch and lead a wave of microsite campuses regionally, nationally, and globally.

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Conversation Service Coaching Program

This program is designed to help churches launch their first conversation service in order to reach more people on the weekend, engage the next generation, and launch groups 52 weeks a year.

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