Watch this featured video of Brett Eastman introducing the breakthrough Conversation Service.

Conversation services are the next generation of weekend services.

Conversation services take the best of a weekend service and a small group, while creating a new type of worship experience.

Conversation services provide a more engaging and appealing format for a congregation, especially to millennials and more “relational” boomers, who want to have a conversation about God instead of just listening to another sermon.

Conversation services are produced in-the-round, a circular format allowing for a more engaging and interactive experience.

Conversation services are an innovative new approach that is guaranteed to produce better and more exponential online engagement.

Conversation services produce conversation starters that initiate and deliver exponential interaction between pastors and their congregation.

Conversation services utilize conversation curriculum, the small group edition of a conversation service, that is guaranteed to launch groups, called conversation groups, 52 weeks a year.

Conversation services align with the teaching ministry of the senior pastorship, thus leveraging the power of community to reach community for Christ.

Conversation services are dynamically evangelistic, complementing the best of every church vision and mission.

Conversation services are a powerful compliment and natural “next step” to your current ministry campaigns.


Listen to Brett Eastman, Dave Stewart, and Taylor Horky discuss in more detail some of the features, benefits, examples, and unique applications of hosting a conversation service in your church.

Jerry and Kimberly Dirmann are the senior pastors at The Rock, a church with multisite campuses in California, Michigan, and Missouri. We partnered with their ministries to produce a televised video curriculum and church campaign that was also used for a microsite service production. This conversation service format highlights the best of a weekend worship experience and a small group. Take a look at the trailer above to see how effective and impactful the conversation service can be for your church!

Take a look at a recent project we produced for Pastor Dennis & Colleen Rouse at Victory World Church in Georgia. This production embodies the very essence of what a conversation service is and what it means for people as they come into a setting where they can engage and share in open dialogues as a means for connection. Watch the trailer above to see what we’re talking about!


Program Features

  • Understand the process and pathway for launching a conversation service in your church
  • Evaluate the 7 primary factors of producing a conversation service
  • Discover the initial, incremental, and scalable ways to staff and stage your conversation service production
  • Learn how to integrate the best of a live weekend service and a small group experience
  • Discover the half dozen ways to re-purpose the footage for the weekend production and online experience
  • Learn how to build a staff-forward or volunteer team to produce your service 52 weeks a year
  • Learn how to produce “worship in the round” that can be used for small groups, conversation services, online campuses, and microsite campuses
  • Learn how to brand, market, and promote your new “church service in the round”
  • Learn how to catalyze groups 24/7 off of your new forward or existing online experience
  • Transform your online streaming service into a more engaging and more effective individual experience
  • Learn how to edit the conversation service footage for exponential social media purposes
  • Discover proven ways to save money on equipment and time in production