Introducing Microsites

A recent interview with Jim Tomberlin and Brett Eastman on microsites.

Microsites are missional groups of 10 to 100 plus people that utilize video for both sermons and worship experiences, with a conversational and small group feel to them – literally delivering a more engaging church experience in-the-round.

Microsites are the best of a weekend service, multisite campus, and small group, all wrapped into one powerful and exponential package. 

Microsites are an innovative new approach to church multiplication that are best described as a microcosm church that can be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

Microsites meet in homes, retirement centers, homeless shelters, bars, gyms, clubs, businesses – any place a small group can gather to extend the reach of a multiplying church.

Microsites can deliver a more engaging worship experience, produced in-the-round, with a worship team and group of worshipers in a more “jam session” style, making viewers feel like they are in the room.

Microsites are a way to bring a worship service to the people regionally, nationally and globally that aren’t attending your church locally.

Microsites are small venue gatherings that are volunteer-led, video-driven extensions of an outreaching church and could become a feeder strategy for a multisite campus or church plant.

Microsites are produced in a circular format allowing for a more engaging and interactive experience.

Microsites provide a more engaging alternative compared to the traditional teaching format, one that is much more appealing to millennials and more “relational” boomers.  

Microsites conversational teaching style and jam session worship experience provides a better online church experience.

Microsites look to be the 10x factor that multisites were to the single campus strategy.

Microsites can be a powerful compliment and natural “next step” to your current multisite strategy, but also can be your “first step” into a multisite ministry for a church of any size, ranging from 100 to 10,000. This allows a church to “grow rather than go” into a multisite church strategy.

Jim Tomberlin, the founder and CEO of MultiSite Solutions and the nationally recognized expert on multisite churches, assists hundreds of churches in multiplying their impact through intensive multisite, church merger, and multiplication consultation.

Over 3 decades of diverse ministry, Jim has pastored a church in Germany, grown a megachurch in Colorado, and pioneered the multisite strategy for Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. Since 2005, he has been consulting and coaching churches in developing and implementing multi-congregation strategies.


A Microsite is designed for churches who are looking for the next revolution in taking the church to the community.

Discover the next step on how to launch and lead a wave of microsite campuses regionally, nationally, and globally, starting with the groundbreaking conversation service.

Watch this short video on how Conversation Services are the key to launching your very first microsite!

Plus, take a look at our featured samples!


Program Features

  • Learn how to launch remote small groups, potential church plants, and your first wave of microsite campuses
  • Discover the 5 criteria for launching successful microsite campuses
  • Learn how to shoot, stage, and build sets that naturally flow in and out of the teaching for a microsite campus
  • Learn the initial, incremental, and scalable ways to staff and stage your microsite campus production
  • Learn how to leverage the best of video driven, volunteer led church experiences
  • Discover the potential and pathway to starting a small venue microsite campus based off of your weekend service and conversation production
  • Evaluate the purpose and strategy for producing a conversation service that delivers the content for a microsite campus
  • Learn how to target unconnected, unreached, and unchurched people in a new kind of remote campus experience.
  • Understand the catalytic pathway for launching campuses beginning with the main church site to community small groups to microsite campuses

For a full description, see brochure below.

Target Participants:

Includes Multisite Campus Directors, Senior Pastors, Campus Pastors, Executive Pastors, and Church Leaders tasked with launching multisites.

Lifetogether Faculty:

This program will include the Lifetogether faculty of expert directors, producers, and church consultants.

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